Updates about the search for the new Lead Pastor for ACC


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Watch a video of Pastor Brian delivering a sermon.


Watch their conversation for a glimpse into the beginning of their ministry relationship.


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Jodi Moore
Jodi Moore

I was born and raised in Minnesota and introduced to Christ and the church at a young age, accepting Jesus as my Savior around the age of 10. The larger Covenant Church has provided mentors for me and guided my journey of spiritual transformation. Though ministry roles have varied over the years, my gifts lie in bringing people together to achieve physical progress in expanding the kingdom of God on this earth. I am married to Ben and we have two daughters, Elaina and Allie.

Schooled in a Bachelors of Arts (Christian Education) at Northwestern University, a Master of Divinity (2006) at North Park Theological Seminary and ordained to Word & Sacrament (2008) in the Evangelical Covenant Church, I am a restorative leader and love to solve problems. I strategize for growth, value honesty and transparency and enjoy connecting with people. I have served the ECC as a youth pastor, solo pastor, associate pastor and executive pastor.

For more information see my Evangelical Covenant Church profile.

Brian Rhen
Brian Rhen

For over 27 years as a pastor, my passion has been to guide people along the best pathway for their life with God. Shaped by a Western PA, Irish Catholic upbringing, a recovery background, a Protestant spiritual renewal in my 20s, a blessed and imperfect marriage of over 30 years, the death of one of my five children, much failure and some success, my ongoing desire is to see the church bring the kingdom of God into the world through their daily interaction.

Schooled in a Bachelors of Science (Management 1990) at Bucknell University, a Master of Divinity (Pastoral Counseling 2000) at Western Seminary, and a Word & Sacrament Ordination (2006) through the Evangelical Covenant Church, my pastoral approach has evolved as a discerning leader, authentic communicator, strategic discipler and maximizing coach while serving at Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, CA since 1995.

For more information see my Evangelical Covenant Church profile and book, “A Short Walk with Emma.”



Members and friends of the ACC Congregation are invited to attend these public gatherings throughout the search process.

There are currently no events scheduled. Please check back later!


What is the Biblical basis for co-lead pastoral leadership?

While the Bible does not explicitly tell us how many leaders should be leading a church, we do see examples of leaders in the Bible who were paired together. In Mark 6:7 we see Jesus sending out the disciples in pairs, “…he began to send them out, two by two…” Throughout the book of Acts, we see the Apostle Paul paired and sent out at different times to proclaim the gospel with Barnabas and Timothy. Furthermore, in Acts, Peter was the main spokesperson for the Church while Paul was a missionary to the Gentiles. They worked together and used their gifts for a common goal, which was to advance the early Church. Sharing leadership in ministry is something that Jesus recognized as beneficial, and it is something that the early Church emulated. Therefore, we believe it is something that the modern Church can emulate as well.

What is the co-lead pastor model?

Co-lead pastor model means that both pastors have the same authority to make decisions on vision, leadership, etc. They both lead the church; however, they do not necessarily do all the same things. This model allows each one to use their individual gifts more fully. As the committee has moved through this process, we have been researching many aspects of the wider Church and how it is changing. Post COVID, many people are looking for leaders who can build relationships and community rather than only preach a great sermon. We have seen the increased expectations placed on pastors and realized that no one, besides Jesus, can possess all gifts. Many lead pastors have fallen under the weight of responsibility or because of their lack of accountability. In wanting to care for our leaders well, we realized that having a co-lead pastor model allows each individual to lean into the gifts God has given them, as well as it allows them to shoulder the burden of leadership with another person. In the end, we believe that this will be a healthier model for our leaders and at the same time provide significant benefits to our congregants

What is the difference between a co-lead pastor and an associate pastor?

An associate pastor is under the supervision of the lead pastor while Co-Lead Pastors are equal and share the pastoral responsibilities according to their giftings.

What are the advantages of the co-lead pastor model?
  • The church’s identity is not tied to a pastor.
  • Pastors can focus on their strengths and giftings.
  • Provides diversity in preaching, vision, and leadership.
  • One person does not have to have all the answers or shoulder all the responsibilities.
  • Allows for shared responsibility of in-person events.
  • Creates continuity in the absence of one pastor (vacation, sabbatical, retirement, illness, etc.).
  • Supports and encourages teamwork and collaboration with the vision of the church.
  • Creates a support system among two pastors, someone to lean on during times of challenge.
How will the co-lead pastors divide duties?

The pastors will focus on their strengths, giftings, and ministry areas of interest. They have prepared their job descriptions, which have been approved by the council.

How will the co-lead pastors make decisions?

The pastors will make decisions together. While it may take more time, having two leaders who collaborate on decisions leads to greater accountability and effectiveness. They will work out any disagreements through discussion, prayer, and rely on the work of the Holy Spirit. However, if there is not a consensus, the council will help guide a resolution.

How do we know that the co-lead pastors will work well together

Whether choosing one lead pastor or choosing co-lead pastors, both processes require a step of faith. In addition to continued prayer and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we used a consulting firm that uses data and research to transform organizations. They have a proven track record and their assessment identified personality traits and unique giftings. It provided great insight into how God uniquely wired our staff and our two candidates. With this piece of the puzzle, it will provide the team tools to have immediate results and long-term success.

Who will preach?

The pastors will share pulpit responsibilities along with other occasional guest preachers and ministry staff. We believe there is immense benefit from having different voices in the pulpit.

Do we have confidence that the co-lead pastors will have a working relationship that emulates integrity?

It was of upmost importance for us to choose leaders who emulate integrity in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives. Churches rise and fall on the integrity of their leaders. Our team spent significant time reviewing references for both of our candidates and we spent time meeting with their spouses as well. The pastors we have chosen have a track record of integrity.

How will the co-lead pastors be evaluated?

Council will work closely with both co-lead pastors to provide feedback on performance and assess progress towards the church’s goals and vision. A Pastoral Encouragement Committee will be evaluating their individual and collaborative performance each year and provide regular support

Can we afford two lead pastors?

We believe God has and will continue to provide for ACC. The hiring of both pastors has been considered and approved by the council. They will share the responsibilities that were previously covered by three positions: lead pastor, executive pastor, and associate pastor.

Can I vote for just one of the pastors?

No. If you are an active member, you will be voting to accept both co-lead pastors.

If the candidates are approved, when will the Co-Lead Pastor Model go into effect?

Jodi and Brian’s first Sunday together as co-lead pastors will be April 2nd, 2023.

How were you led to come to this decision?

What kind of support was there for the co-pastor model decision?

When considering this model, we found that shared leadership is being used successfully at many Covenant Churches. We, then, collaboratively discussed this shift in leadership models with the current ministry staff and council before moving forward. Before making this recommendation to the congregation, the team felt it was crucial to have the staff and the council prayerfully consider it as well. We have unanimous support from the search team, the applicants, the ministry staff, and the council. We ask the congregation to prayerfully consider the recommendation of the co-lead pastor model and our candidates.



I have been a member of ACC for 55 years. I have served on the Worship Arts Commission, have been an usher, and have participated in choir, the Christmas
shows, and special music. I’m excited to help ACC move to the next chapter. I work in the payment processing industry.


I have been a member of ACC for eight years. I have served in a variety of ways: MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) Leadership- Hospitality Team and Co-coordinator; ACC Kids Camp volunteer and Leadership Team, volunteer with Children’s Ministry; Women’s Ministry Team; and Deacon.

While praying about the decision to serve on the committee, the phrase “do not lose heart” kept coming to mind. I looked up where this phrase appears several Times in 2 Corinthians 4. This chapter of scripture seemed to sum up my feelings. It’s an intimidating task we have before us but we DO have the power of Holy Spirit within us to accomplish it. I’m excited to see how God will work all things for His glory as we submit to His plan for our church.

I am a stay at home mom to Sammie (7) and Abbie (3) and wife to Kyle.


I have been a member of ACC for two years, and have served on the Children’s Director Search Committee and volunteered in Children’s Sunday School. ACC has welcomed my family since we’ve joined and want to see the future of ACC continue to grow with the right leadership.

I am a Finance Solutions Specialist at Ovintiv.


I have been a member of ACC for 40 years. I served on and as Chairman of Deacon Board, chairman of ACC 25th Anniversary Celebration, as a Royal Family Kids Camp volunteer, and have volunteered as a greeter, usher, and with the Arvada West High School partnership. I am presently active in three small groups, including a Men’s Group, Couples Group, and the Love Mercy Do Justice Group.

ACC is changing and growing. The challenges from COVID, transition of pastors, and other staff changes provide us with an opportunity to meet the needs of our existing members and be welcoming to those who are not yet here. I want to help choose someone who will lead us through the present and into the future.

I am retired.


I have been a member of ACC for 26 years, and have served in Women’s ministries for 13 years and youth ministries for four years. I started attending ACC when I was 13 years old. I went to youth group here and was baptized here. Luke and I were married here almost 16 years ago and our three children have been dedicated here. We have been involved in various ministries throughout our time attending as a family. “Here” is home for us and we are invested in seeing ACC grow and thrive. I am excited to be a part of helping our community choose a new pastor for this next season of ministry.

I have been a physician assistant in pediatric medicine for 13 years. At the beginning of 2022, our family decided that it was time for me to be home full time during this chapter of our lives.


I have been a member of ACC for 27 years. In my early years at ACC, I worked with children’s programs – mostly Pioneer Clubs and ACKC. I found great joy in serving on the Worship Arts committee and singing in the choir for many years. Serving on the Diaconate for 7 years developed in me a real love for our homebound folks. For the past 11 years I’ve been privileged to help publish
the church prayer line. I’ve been blessed by many friendships at ACC which have been nurtured through various Bible studies and support groups along the way.

I feel honored and humbled to serve on the Pastoral Search committee, realizing the weight of the importance of this task. I’m excited about serving alongside some wonderful teammates and I’m sure we all covet your prayers.


I have been a member of ACC for seven years and a member of the Council for three years. I am currently the Council Chair.

I have served in the Benevolence Ministry and have co-led a Small Group at ACC.

I am excited to see who God has for us because I believe great days are ahead for ACC! With the help of the Holy Spirit, the next Lead Pastor will be guiding ACC into the future.

I am retired from full-time ministry.


My family and I have attended ACC for about four years. I serve at ACC by greeting, ushering, attending the welcome desk, and helping with the security team.

I look forward to working and connecting with other people throughout the hiring process for a new pastor.

I am a third grade teacher at Van Arsdale Elementary in Arvada.


I just became a member but have been attending ACC for two years. l serve as the Council treasurer. I am excited to see the vision of ACC and help it develop. I am a father to four, a vacation travel planner, and I volunteer with the Red Cross.