A Message from the Council: Lead Pastor Search Committee Update, 2/17/23

Evelyn Simmons   -  

We are at the cusp of affirming two Co-Lead Pastors – the months of prayer, meetings, and discussion have accumulated to get us to this point. What an exciting and historic time for Arvada Covenant Church (ACC)! On Sunday, February 19 at 11:30 a.m. we will meet as a congregation to affirm the calling of Brian Rhen and Jodi Moore.

To see the agenda for this meeting, click here. To help everyone understand the details of the meeting a little better, here are the steps to affirming the pastors, according to the ACC Constitution:

  • Everyone will sign in for the meeting and members will be handed a ballot.
  • When everyone is seated and a quorum has been established, I will open the meeting with prayer and then take questions from the floor (anyone is free to comment or ask a question).
  • After the discussion time is completed, members will cast their vote – either a “yes” or a “no” for both pastors. Voting for only one pastor will invalidate your ballot.
  • Council members will collect the ballots and tally the votes.
  • The outcome of the vote will then be announced (Note: 2/3 of the ballots cast are needed to affirm the call of Jodi and Brian).

To our friends and regular attendees who have not completed the membership process: while you are ineligible to vote, we want to welcome you to join in on this exciting time for our church. You are invited to ask questions and have your voice heard. We value your participation in the community of our church!

As we worshipped together this past Sunday, I was struck by the energy and excitement in the sanctuary. It is a privilege and a joy to share this time in the life of our church! We have come a long way and I am grateful to be able to worship and follow Jesus with all of you. God has been so good to us – let us praise His Holy name!

As we continue to walk in His light and life together,

Evelyn Simmons
ACC Council Chair

Sara Brown, Jaci Lippert, Susan Palmer, Luke Ringenberg, Brian Rodriguez, Steve Smee and Gordon Wu
ACC Church Council