My Story:

I was born and raised in Minnesota and introduced to Christ and the church at a young age, accepting Jesus as my Savior around the age of 10. The larger Covenant Church has provided mentors for me and guided my journey of spiritual transformation. Though ministry roles have varied over the years, my gifts lie in bringing people together to achieve physical progress in expanding the kingdom of God on this earth. I am married to Ben and we have two daughters, Elaina and Allie.

Schooled in a Bachelor of Arts (Christian Education) at Northwestern University, a Master of Divinity (2006) at North Park Theological Seminary, and ordained to Word & Sacrament (2008) in the Evangelical Covenant Church, I am a restorative leader and love to solve problems. I strategize for growth, value honesty and transparency, and enjoy connecting with people. I have served the ECC as a youth pastor, solo pastor, associate pastor, and executive pastor.

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Contact Me:
303-422-1235 extension 212