Meet the Candidates: Lead Pastor Search Committee Update, 1/13/23

Evelyn Simmons   -  

In last week’s message we revealed our decision to call two lead pastors, thus changing from having one lead pastor to two lead pastors – a new model of leadership at ACC! We are very excited to announce the candidates for Co-Lead Pastor: Pastor Jodi Moore and Pastor Brian Rhen! Click here to view their biographies in order to begin to get to know these leaders. In next week’s email, we will include a video of Brian and Jodi introducing themselves as well as “interviewing” one another and discussing how this process came about for them. This email will also include information about the Candidate Weekend in February.

We know that many of you have questions about the Co-Lead Pastor model of leadership, so we have written up some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Click here to see those FAQs. If you have a question not answered there, click here to submit your questions and we will answer them! A question box will also be available at the Welcome Desk in the lobby. We have set up three Town Hall Meetings for our congregation to learn more and ask questions about the Co-Lead Pastor Model (questions about the candidates will only be taken during the Candidate Weekend). You are welcome to attend any/all of them, but please register:

Also, we have put together a video that explains our journey in discerning a Co-Lead Pastor Model for ACC. We hope that seeing our journey will help you in understanding how the Holy Spirit led us through this process. A HUGE thanks to Matt Anderson, Worship Arts Director, for putting this together for us!

Our prayer is that as you learn more about the Co-Lead Pastor Model and about these very gifted and called pastors, you will be as excited as we are for the future of ACC.

Until next week,

The Lead Pastor Search Committee

Kinsey Ringenberg (chair), Jerry Reier (vice chair), Barb Rodriguez (secretary), Dan Fisher, Ellen Johnson, Peter Lee, Evelyn Simmons, Craig Vander Laan and Gordon Wu.