Jul 17
David learned he could trust God while he was a shepherd. He was prepared for something bigger. Because he was... 
Jul 12
Update from Honduras 
Jul 10
The HSM Mission team is hard at work in Honduras. In only a few hours, the school is starting to take shape! All... 
Jul 10
David was tending sheep when God told Samuel to anoint him as Israel's next king. David had every reason to leave... 
Jul 01
Pastor Corey, following through on his promise to let the camp directors cover him in grossness if the campers... 


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The story of David in the Bible is the story of a real life. A complicated, messy, and oftentimes broken life, but real life nonetheless. In the midst of that real life, we learn of David’s real faith. Faith that engages that messy, broken life head on. David teaches us […]