Sep 19
As we look at how Paul leads his friends, we are challenged to embrace the few things that Paul says should be a... 
Sep 12
God changes lives every day and usually He uses someone just like you. When you invest yourself into the lives of... 
Sep 06
Paul's letters to his friends in Thessalonica remind us to live with urgent passion for the way of Jesus. If we... 
Sep 02
Is it really that time already? Our team is gearing up for Operation Christmas Child and it is exciting! 
Aug 29
At the end of the day, what matters most? To be right, or to be in relationship? Joseph put his own pain, and the... 


  • Thessalonians-NoTomorrowPost

There was a time when early followers of Jesus modeled for the world that people who lived as though “tomorrow” wasn’t guaranteed, lived more passionate, committed lives of sharing the Gospel with the world around them. Join us for this series as we study the books of Thessalonians and dare […]