Jan 21
We will be holding worship services this morning. Please be safe. Driving conditions might be poor. If you don't... 
Jan 03
Want to give your marriage some attention in 2018? Check out our Married People Monthly E-zine. Click the "Join... 
Nov 07
It has been awesome to partner with Arok and the work he is doing. Way to go Arok Garang! And Roger Vadeen! 
Sep 25
Finding peace and wholeness in our families can be difficult. The expectations we place on our parents, on our... 
Sep 18
One of the hardest places to find peace is inside our own hearts and minds. This can be really difficult when we... 


  • Just-One-post

Jesus places lots of value on the “one” (lost sheep, lost coin, etc.). Followers of Christ continue to be challenged by scripture to notice and engage with the people God has placed in our lives whether that is our neighbor, coworker or the waitress at a restaurant. All of these […]