My Story:
For over 27 years as a pastor, my passion has been to guide people along the best pathway for their life with God. Shaped by a Western PA, Irish Catholic upbringing, a recovery background, a Protestant spiritual renewal in my 20s, a blessed and imperfect marriage of over 30 years, the death of one of my five children, much failure and some success, my ongoing desire is to see the church bring the kingdom of God into the world through their daily interaction.

Schooled in a Bachelors of Science (Management 1990) at Bucknell University, a Master of Divinity (Pastoral Counseling 2000) at Western Seminary, and a Word & Sacrament Ordination (2006) through the Evangelical Covenant Church, my pastoral approach has evolved as a discerning leader, authentic communicator, strategic discipler and maximizing coach while serving at Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, CA since 1995.

For more information see my Evangelical Covenant Church profile and book, “A Short Walk with Emma.”

Contact Me:
303-422-1235 extension 211