Love Mercy, Do Justice (LMDJ) is an intergenerational team of ACC members who have been inspired by the initiative of the Evangelical Covenant Church to join God in making things right in our broken world by helping hurting people (love mercy) and addressing the causes of that hurt (do justice). Our goal is to resource and equip Arvada Covenant in its call to love, serve, and work together with people at the margins toward holistic individual, family and community transformation.


"And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8 NIV

Our team's values have been adapted from, First Pres’ "The Color of Compromise Reading and Discussion Packet," and ACC’s Group Agreement.


We agree to be open to engaging others’ perspectives. We will practice considering ideas from a posture of curiosity before critiquing, defending, etc. As we learn and grow together, we will seek to understand before moving to dismissal, skepticism, etc., asking “what might this mean for me/us if this is true?” We commit to staying curious about our own ideas, perceptions and emotions. Our goal is not to walk away with one “right” answer but learn with and from each other.


We are open and transparent with each other and believe we can be ourselves with one another. We will also be aware of group participation dynamics. If I am someone who tends to be a listener in group settings, I will consider stepping up to share my perspectives of questions. If I am someone who tends to talk a lot, I will consider stepping back to create space for others.


We agree to practice respectful listening by not interrupting or talking over others. We agree to practice respectful sharing by speaking from our own experience (“I” statements) and refrain from giving advice, unless it is requested. We will never say anything that will embarrass another person, including our family members.


We agree to commit to pray for our conversations before beginning and as needed throughout our time together. We affirm we can seek the Spirit’s guidance through prayer if conversations trigger pushback, heightened emotions, or unearth sensitive areas in need of healing. If we find ourselves getting upset, defensive, emotional, angry, or overwhelmed, we will pay attention to those feelings. We will pause and ask ourselves, “What is going on? Where is this coming from?” Then bring them before the Lord.


We want to process and discuss our learnings with others. However, we agree all sharing with others outside of the conversation should be about concepts and things we have experienced, not specifics about what others have shared. For authenticity to occur, we will trust that personal issues discussed will not be shared outside the group.


There are a myriad of ways we can commit to action as individuals and as a community. One action step we identified for LMDJ at ACC is sacrificial giving, over and above our regular giving to ACC. We desire to acknowledge and address the financial dimensions of systemic racism by giving monthly towards an organization or ministry that is led by people of color.


We continue to be challenged individually and collectively in our awareness by hearing perspectives and stories from Black, Indigineous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals. This can be done through reading other books, listening to podcasts, following on social media, watching movies/tv shows, etc. that have been produced/authored/led by people of color.

Note: The main author/producer of content with an asterisk (*) was not a person of color.

Books we’ve studied together
Books we’ve studied together

The Color of Compromise – by Dr. Jemar Tisby
How to Fight Racism – by Dr. Jemar Tisby
Rediscipling the White Church* – by David W. Swanson

Additional books we recommend:
Additional books we recommend:

Subversive Witness – by Dominique DuBois Gilliard
Dear White Peacemakers – by Osheta Moore
Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man – by Emannuel Acho
Caste – by Isabel Wilkerson
Jesus and the Disinherited – by Howard Thurman

Podcasts we recommend:
Podcasts we recommend:

The Reclaim Podcast – Asian American Christian Collaborative
Pass the Mic – The Witness: A Black Christian Collective
The Every Voice Now Podcast – Intervarsity Press

Movies we’ve watched together:
Movies we’ve watched together:

Freedom Riders
The Best of Enemies*

Additional movies we recommend:
Additional movies we recommend:

Just Mercy
I Am Not Your Negro
Asian Americans (PBS Documentary)
True Justice*
The Reunited States
BlacKkKlansman (rated R for foul language)


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If you have questions about the LMDJ team or would like to get involved, please contact Laura Rodriguez.