April 22 7:00 - 11:30 am  |  Arvada Covenant Church

5555 Ward Road, Arvada, CO, USA

Arvada Covenant is again a host site for the 365Health Fair. Attendees will take advantage of a variety of affordable and convenient health screenings: low cost bloodwork and colon kits; breast, skin, spine, vision, and height/weight screenings; rheumatoid arthritis testing, and more.

There are two ways to register to attend:

  1. Register and pay online in advance at 365health.org.
  2. Join us on the fair day, complete a paper form, and pay for any blood work on-site.

We can still use a few medical and non-medical volunteers. If you are interested, you can contact Linda Camblin at camblintl@msn.com or volunteer online at volunteers.365health.org. Every volunteer gets a 20% discount on the blood work and colon kit. Use code ThankYouVol23 when registering online or use your name tag at the cashier if you register on-site.