Important Pastor’s Update and Message from Council

Brad Bergfalk   -  

Dear Friends,

I will be concluding my ministry at Arvada Covenant Church effective October 31, 2022. It feels like Roxi and I just arrived to your warm and generous welcome and now the time has come to say goodbye. As your Interim Lead Pastor, I know this day is coming but it doesn’t get easier to say goodbye to a congregation I have come to know and love.

When we arrived in June 2021, ACC was in the midst of a number of challenging transitions. And now as I prepare to depart, I’m pleased to say that many of those challenges have become much smaller. During my time here, I have sought to provide consistent biblical preaching, thoughtful leadership, and encouragement to the staff, leaders, and congregation. The chief indicator for me that ACC is progressing toward a season of fruitful ministry is how we worship and the ease with which we laugh together.

Roxi and I will be taking up my next Interim Ministry appointment at Bethany Covenant Church in Mount Vernon, WA. Similar to ACC, they too have gone through a season of difficulty and challenge resulting in loss and grief. An added benefit to serving at Bethany Covenant Church in Mount Vernon will be our return to the Pacific Northwest and our proximity to Roxi’s aging mother.

Friends, thank you for the trust and friendship many of you have generously offered to me. And even though I am sad to leave this good church, I’m overjoyed by the thought that the next season of ministry at ACC will be rich and fulfilling under the leadership of the pastor God is preparing for this congregation even now. I will not soon forget the joy this church has brought to my life and ministry.

May God bless you as you continue to seek and serve in Jesus’ name here in Arvada and around the world.

With appreciation,




Rev. Bradley J. Bergfalk
Interim Lead Pastor


September 6, 2022

Dear Arvada Covenant Church,

As we prepare to say goodbye to Pastor Brad Bergfalk, we are grateful for his ministry at ACC. While his early departure is not something we had expected, the ACC Council wanted to honor his request. We understand what it means to be a hurting church and we want to see another church begin the process of healing; we could not deny Pastor Brad the opportunity to help them. It is an extra blessing for him and Roxi to also be close to family. So, we will send them off with our blessing!

I am sure you are asking, “What’s next?” Staff and council have known for a while that Pastor Brad would be leaving at the end of October and have been planning ahead. First, council has decided that we will not hire another interim pastor at this time. Having another interim for just a few months does not seem prudent. Second, we must remember that we are not the church we were a year and a half ago! We are now a church with an excellent staff, gifted and called to serve the Lord at ACC. Our church has had much healing and we are ready to see what God has next for us.

After talking with Pastor Jodi, we have asked her to be in charge until the next Lead Pastor is called. To be clear, she will not be the Lead Pastor or the Interim Lead Pastor. Pastor Jodi has graciously agreed to “steer the ship” for now. Pastor Brad and Pastor Jodi have already planned all of the sermon series through the end of the year and staff is working on filling in for the Sundays that Pastor Brad was to preach. We also have the rich resources of our denomination to pull from when it comes to some great preachers.

Next, council asked Pastor Jodi what kind of help she would like during this time. She expressed a desire to hire part-time, temporary staff to help assist her in some areas. Pastor Jodi is working on hiring them and will inform us when she has who she needs.

I anticipate the next question that many will ask is, “Does the Lead Pastor Search Committee (LPSC) need to work faster to find a Lead Pastor?” The answer is, “No.” The LPSC is working prayerfully, carefully and diligently to find the person God is calling to ACC. We cannot rush the Holy Spirit’s leading; instead, we must continue to pray, listen and discern His calling.

We have come a long way as a congregation and more good things are ahead for us! Please continue to pray for ACC, the LPSC, staff, council, and for Pastor Brad and Roxi. May their next church be blessed by them and be a blessing to them.

For the entire ACC Council,



Evelyn Simmons
Council Chair