Interim Pastor’s Update, 8/11/22

Brad Bergfalk   -  

?Arvada Covenant Church Interim Pastor Brad Bergfalk

What Every Pastor Needs in a Congregation

There are five essential qualities that every pastor desires to find in a congregation. They are Godly leaders, generous givers, passionate worshippers, compassionate followers, and mutual friends.

1. Godly Leaders– The importance of Godly leaders guiding the congregation cannot be overstated. Godly leaders believe that their commitment to God is more important than the esteem that comes with leadership. When a congregation is led by Godly leaders, the church thrives because of the mutual trust that develops between leaders and the congregation.

2. Generous Givers– A generous congregation reflects a generous God. Being a generous giver calls us to reconsider our deeply held beliefs about personal security, financial stability, and the practice of giving. A congregation of generous givers blesses their community and those who are called to serve them.

3.  Passionate worshippers– When a congregation worships well, the hearts of passionate worshippers are soft and pliable, and open to where God may be prompting us to serve. When a congregation is not passionate about worship, it is reflected in discord and distrust. Passionate worship is a matter of the heart that is open to God’s spirit to listen, love, and learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

4.  Compassionate Followers– Compassionate followers exhibit a character of compassion that is evidenced by our commitment to serving our community. When Jesus encountered those who had needs, he didn’t require them to adhere to a specific set of beliefs before he cared for them. When Jesus calls disciples to offer a cup of cold water to the thirsty, he doesn’t provide us with a long list of exceptions that enable us to sidestep the difficult work of compassion. The other side of the coin of compassion is justice. A pastor looks for in a congregation who are compelled to serve out of a sense of compassion and justice.

5.  Mutual Friendship– The final characteristic that a pastor looks for in a congregation is mutual friendship. A pastor desires friends in the congregation who are attentive to the challenges of pastoral ministry and the impact ministry has on their on their family. A pastor desires friends who do not have a hidden agenda, but genuinely desire to encourage and love their pastor.

If ACC embodies these characteristics, you can be assured that your next pastor will find deep joy in leading and serving with a sense of mission and affection for this congregation.

Pastor Bradley Bergfalk, Interim Lead Pastor