ACC welcomes new members and appoints search committee

Jordan Ames   -  

At the Congregational Meeting, Dan Fisher, Ellen Johnson, Peter Lee, Jerry Reier, Kinsey Ringenberg, Barb Rodriguez, Evelyn Simmons, Craig Vander Laan and Gordon Wu were voted and confirmed as the members of the search committee for Arvada Covenant Church’s next Lead Pastor. Read their bios here.

Members also voted and approved our newest members of the ACC family: Brad Bergfalk, Sara Brown, Rose Edin, Stan Edin, Dianne Einspahr, Clarisa Finizio, Kayleigh Leonard, Richard McAllister, Sommer Nunan, Nancy Timpert-Semple, Clark Whitten, Pam Whitten, Meredith Willson, Steve Willson, and Gordon Wu.  Congratulations!