Opportunities to serve at Arvada West High School, 1/21/21

Jordan Ames   -  

We have “adopted” a local high school in the community, Arvada West High School. The goal of the partnership is to show appreciation and support to the local high school staff, students and parents.

The A-West World Languages Department has reached out to us for some help with a student class project. The Level 1 Spanish classes are doing a cultural project in which they create a restaurant based on the culture of a Spanish-speaking country. They create a table setting and dish based on their research and present it. The staff is inviting members of the community to come and listen to the student presentations. The presentations will be on February 10 and 11 during all of the class periods. You will move at your own pace from presentation to presentation and will ask students about their restaurants & food in English. You are free to leave whenever you feel you’ve seen everything. You can come to one class or several.  Sign up here if you would like to attend the presentations.

Any questions may be directed to Jim Baer at jim.r.baer@gmail.com.