Anderson, Ken and Lori

Organization: GuateStar
Location: Guatemala
Mission: This ministry is part of a multi-generational effort facilitated by the Anderson family. GuateStar partners with the indigenous population in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty through educational and community outreach programs while sharing the hope of the Gospel. The primary focus has been Colegio (School) Juan Wesley founded in 1997, in San Cristobal, Totonicapan. This school moved to a new campus in January of 2009 and currently educates 380 children. A second building is currently under construction. Ultimately 1,500 children will attend school at Juan Wesley. Construction on a second school in the mountain village of Chuixchimal began in 2010, today 70 students attend Colegio Esmirna. When this school is complete 600 students will attend. Additional projects include the construction of a medical clinic of the Juan Wesley campus and Club Extra, an after school program to promote the love of learning by giving students additional learning time and exposure to new classes.
Website: http://www.GuateStar.org
Email Address: lori@guatestar.org or ken@guatestar.org

Boyle, Todd and Wendy

Organization: Abba Padre International
Location: Honduras
Mission: They organize and host various groups to work on building projects, help in public schools, go on evangelistic outreaches, as well as assist local pastors, leaders and missionaries. They have created an Emergency Transition Home and work with the Honduran government to provide a safe house for abandoned children until they can become adopted.
Website: http://www.abbapadreinternational.com
Email Address: tw2theNations@gmail.com

Bruckner, Byron and Sue

Organization: Covenant Youth of Alaska
Location: Alaska
Mission: Developing youth ministry throughout Alaska by working with nineteen churches.
Website: http://www.cyak.org
Email Address: byron@cyak.org

Camp, Caryn

Organization: Covenanter with Covenant World Mission, RCE (Resourcing Christian Education International)
Location: Taiwan
Mission: Caryn, the daughter of Phyllis and Don Camp and a member of Arvada Covenant Church, works as an ELL teacher (for English Language Learners) at Morrison Christian Academy in Taichung, Taiwan.
http://www.mca.org.tw. Approximately 80% of the children at the school are Taiwanese, and approximately 30% are the children of missionaries. http://www.rce-international.org/support-a-missionary/ 
Email Address: campc@mca.org.tw

Christ Aid International

Organization: ChristAid – Executive Director
Location: Uganda
Mission: Various Christian projects for the poor in Fort Portal, Uganda including Grandmas For Jesus which assists in the support and nurture of children who are being raised by their grandmothers, and the construction of the new ChristAid Academy in Kicuna, Uganda.
Website: http://www.christaidinc.org 
Email Address: christaid@qwestoffice.net

Duale, Langba

Organization: Evangelical Christian in the Congo
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo
Mission: In 2011 Pastor Duale was elected President of the ECC Protestant synod, which is a group of denominations in the Equateur province in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo. The ECC is an umbrella organization that links all of the protestant denominations together. For 8 years he was the Head of the Department of Evangelism and Mission for the entire Covenant Church of Congo denomination. Pastor Duale has been in the ministry for approximately 23 years and is currently working on his Theology doctorate at University Universite Protestante au Congo.
Email Address: laduale@yahoo.fr

Dutton, Peter and Ruth

Organization: Evangelical Covenant Church.
Location: Roi Et, Thailand
Mission: They are presently leading in the establishment of a ministry center in Roi Et, Thailand, which will house a church, as well as a center for music and English instruction, in addition to a bookstore, coffee shop and a place to do sports ministry.
Website: http://www.mekongvalleyproject.blogspot.com
Email Address: peter-ruthie.dutton@eccmail.com

Garang, Arok

Organization: Seeds of South Sudan
Location: Kenya
Mission: Arok is one of the former Lost Boys of Sudan. After being forced to leave his village in South Sudan at the age of 7, he went to two refugee camps before coming to the United States. Now his ministry is to take South Sudanese orphans from the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, and send them to a boarding school in Nakuru, Kenya so that they can get an education and go back to re-build their village of Paliau in South Sudan.
Website: www.seedsofsouthsudan.org

Gardea, Jose

Organization: Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida Orphanage
Location: Mexico
Mission: Pastor Gardea and his wife have established and run the Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida orphanage which is located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Arvada Covenant Church actively supports the orphanage and arranges short-term mission trips for families and adults.

Guevera, Pastor

Organization: Heart to Honduras
Location: Honduras
Mission: Pastor of a small church in Los Globos. Provides evangelism, discipleship and counseling to various villages in the area.
Website: http://www.hth.org

Gustafson, Jim

Organization: Evangelical Covenant Church
Location: Thailand
Mission: Jim is a special interest missionary who has started his own Thai non-profit organization called the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF), which began the start-up work of the Covenant work in Thailand. The SDRF is supporting many different people in several locations in Thailand, from AIDS victims in the South to poor children in the Northeastern region. Jim is also the president of GDN (Global Development Network).
Website: http://www.gdnc.org http://www.sdrf-th.org
Email Address: jimgustafson@covchurch.org

Hamilton, Keith and Debbie

Organization: Alaska Christian College
Location: Alaska
Mission: Dr. Keith Hamilton is the President and Founder of the college which is located in Soldotna. Debbie is a counselor at the college. Keith and Debbie were formerly members of Arvada Covenant where Keith served as the Director of Student Ministries.
Website: http://www.akcc.org

Hallam, Dr. Steve and Lindsay

Organization: Alaska Christian College
Location: Alaska
Mission: Lindsay grew up going to ACC as a youth. They are both on staff at Alaska Christian College. Lindsay is the Director of Learning Resources and Registrar. Steve is on the faculty and the Chair of General Education.
Website: http://www.chillingwiththehallams.blogspot.com
Email Address: lhallam@alaskacc.edu

Hege, John and Wendy

Organization: CYAK (Covenant Youth of Alaska)
Location: Palmer, Alaska
Mission: The main focus of this ministry is to the rural students across the state of Alaska. Their ministry is outreach, disciple those ready to grow, and train and help those ready to lead in ministry in various ways.
Website: http://www.cyak.org
Email Address: john@cyak.org

Henry, Glennis

Organization: ECFA Reach Global
Location: Tanzania
Mission: Glennis’ ministry is focused on educating those in church leadership. She fills many administrative roles. She is working in a country where they are presently free to share the gospel, although Christians only make up less than 10% of the population.
Website: http://greetingsfromglennis.wordpress.com 
Email Address: glennis.henry@ecfa.org

Hines, Don and Myrna

Organization: China Outreach Ministries (COM)
Location: China
Mission: Don and Myrna serve as Recruitment Directors for COM, an organization reaching out to thousands of Chinese scholars studying at numerous U.S. universities. COM shows these scholars the love of Christ through hospitality, personal relationships, English teaching, professional seminars, Bible studies and more. New believers are discipled and equipped to become multiplying Christian leaders who impact China and the world.As “second career” missionaries, Don and Myrna have a God-given passion for the Chinese people. Their special calling is to contact, coach, recruit, train and send godly men and women to reach the Chinese scholars at the universities. They also lead short-term ministry trips and provide general administrative support for COM staff as members of its Leadership Team.Don and Myrna joined Arvada Covenant in 2001 when their ministry was headquartered in Evergreen Colorado. For the next several years, were actively involved in ACC ministries. Subsequent ministry moves have taken them to Georgia and to Pennsylvania where they currently reside. Don and Myrna keep in frequent contact with Arvada Covenant and visit us often.
Website: http://www.chinaoutreach.org

Houdek, Irene

Organization: Alaska Christian College
Location: Alaska
Mission: Irene serves as the Director of Information Technology Services at Alaska Christian College. In this position, Irene is responsible for maintaining and upgrading all the computer, network and phone system equipment and software, training staff and students in technology issues, handling all help desk inquiries, and anything else that comes up with technology. Irene also has opportunities to interface with students on a daily basis and mentor 2 students each school year. The mentoring gives staff members a great opportunity to really know a couple of students. Irene’s experience with RFKC in Arvada and in bush Alaska at KICY radio and Covenant Bible Camp has proven to be a great help in connecting and understanding our mostly Native Alaskan student body.
Email Address: ihoudek@aol.com

Johnson, Dan

Organization: Christian Radio For Russia
Location: Russia
Mission: Dan is President of Christian Radio For Russia/New Life Radio Satellite Network-Moscow which broadcasts Christian programs via satellite and the internet into Russia. They are able to reach over 103 million households using the radio and 100 million computer users in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Website: http://www.crfr.org
Email Address: crfr@juno.com

London, Adam and Shirleen

Organization: Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK)
Location: Alaska
Mission: Outreach and discipleship with rural and Alaska Native peoples. Adam and Shirleen have been involved with the statewide youth ministry department, Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK), for over 10 years in various ministries. Adam now serves as the Director of Operations for CYAK. Both Adam and Shirleen are graduates of Alaska Christian College. Websites:
Ministry of Adam and Shirleen: http://www.polarnewsflash.com
Christian Youth of Alaska: http://www.cyak.org
Covenant Bible Camp: http://www.covenantbiblecamp.com
Amundson Education Center: http://www.aecak.org
Email Address: adam@cyak.org

Moody, Allyson Davies

Organization: Campus Crusade For Christ
Location: Orlando, Florida
Mission: Working at the world headquarters for Campus Crusade For Christ in Florida on the sending and recruiting team. Allyson is a former member of Arvada Covenant Church.
Email Address: allysondavies@uscm.org

Muniz, Fabio and Johnna

Organization:Evangelical Covenant Church Project Japan
Location: Fujisawa, Japan
Mission: They are currently serving for at least two years as short-term missionaries with hopes to become long-term missionaries. They are focusing their ministry on reaching out to multi-ethnic and multi-lingual groups, including Brazilian Japanese, Latinos besides the local Japanese people. They are reaching out with friendship evangelism, hoping to expand their multi-lingual groups to include Muslims and refugees in the future.
Website: http://blogs.covchurch.org/fjmuniz
Email Address: Fabio-johnna.muniz@covchurch.org

Noren, Paul and Sheryl

Organization: Evangelical Covenant Church
Location: Congo
Mission: They work alongside the Evangelical Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM). This includes monthly trips into Central African Republic to reach out to the Fulani people group. Participate in hospital work, including training nurses, accounting and working in the pharmacy. And also involved in agricultural development work.
Email Address: sheryl.noren@covchurch.org

Rodriguez, Laura

Organization: Foundation for His Ministry
Location: Oxaca, Mexico
Mission: Having previously worked as the principal of a small elementary school, located at a Children’s Home, Laura is now serving as the assistant administrator of the Children’s Home, where she ministers to the 90 some children living there.
Website: http://ffm.org
Blog: http://laurainoxaca.blogspot.com

Stoner, Doug and Tricia

Organization: Missionaries to Central Europe via Pioneers
Location: Vienna, Austria
Mission: Formerly missionaries to Slovakia since 1994, Doug and Tricia now serve as regional coordinators for Pioneers in Central Europe. Based in Vienna, they travel throughout central Europe to support and encourage missionaries. They are serving as directors for four church planning team leaders. They also preach, teach and lead home bible studies in their local church in Vienna. They are responsible for recruiting new staff members for Pioneers and hosting regional retreats for the missionaries. They also support international pastors in Vienna by hosting regular prayer meetings.
Website: http://dtstoner.weebly.com
Email Address: dtstoner@gmail.com

Thomson, Terry and Trudy

Organization: InterFACE Ministries
Location: Colorado
Mission: Work with international students at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. Activities also include volunteers from Arvada Covenant.
Email Address: terry-trudy@comcast.net

Weidler, Dennis and Candace

Organization: Radio Station KICY
Location: Alaska
Mission: Located in Nome, Alaska, Dennis is the General Manager and Candace is the PSA Director for radio station KICY 850-AM which provides broadcasting of the gospel for Alaska and the Russia far east. They also manage radio station ICY 100.3 FM which broadcasts the gospel to Nome and the surrounding areas.The station is owned by the Arctic Broadcasting Association which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and an affiliated corporation of the Covenant Church. The staff is comprised of full-time and part-time volunteers. The radio station began broadcasting in 1960. There are various summer volunteer projects available.
Website: http://www.kicy.org
Email Address: office@kicy.org

Widman, Bob

Organization: Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC AIR)
Location: Alaska
Mission: Bob is the chief pilot for MARC Air which provides missionary air services throughout Alaska and occasionally eastern Russia. Bob has been with MARC Air in Alaska since 1982 and has flown almost 3,000,000 miles during his career there. MARC Air has been in existence since 1964 flying freight and mission personnel throughout Alaska. They work with the Covenant churches and in conjunction with Samaritan’s Purse as well as other mission organizations. MARC has six pilots and own three planes with access to three others.Bob grew up in the Congo of Africa where his parents, Harvey and Ruth Widman, were Career Covenant missionaries. Bob’s wife Joyce is the area director for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) whose mission is to teach youth how to evangelize to others in the bush. Bob and Joyce make their home in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Website: http://www.marcalaska.org
Email Address: marcak@acsalaska.net