The story of David in the Bible is the story of a real life. A complicated, messy, and oftentimes broken life, but real life nonetheless. In the midst of that real life, we learn of David’s real faith. Faith that engages that messy, broken life head on. David teaches us that real life requires real faith. This is the kind of real faith we need in the midst of our own real lives.

July 9: “The Little Things”

1 Samuel 16: 1-13

David was tending sheep when God told Samuel to anoint him as Israel’s next king. David had every reason to leave the menial task of taking care of sheep but he did not. It’s in this dedication to the little things that God was forming David for what was to come in his life. It’s in these moments that we find David developed a strong faith in God. David’s commitment to the “little things” enabled him to face much larger and complicated situations in his life.

Pastor Corey

July 16: “Be Prepared”

1 Samuel 17: 12-16; 32-50

David learned he could trust God while he was a shepherd. He was prepared for something bigger. Because he was prepared he approached the situation with Goliath with outstanding clarity. He saw something that King Saul could not see. His confidence was in God.

Pastor Corey

July 23: “When Things Unravel”

1 Samuel 21

David’s life gets difficult and he is forced to trust in God or trust in his own ability. He loses sight of God’s faithfulness and he abandons many of his beliefs in an effort to gain control. David’s failures show us how quickly we can spiral out of control when we forgot that God is faithful.

Joel Adams

July 30: “Abigail’s Way”

1 Samuel 25:23-31

As David continues down a path of harmful decisions, he is interrupted by Abigail, who offers some much needed perspective. Abigail reminds David that getting even, or righting a wrong by doing wrong, is not the way of the Lord. As David relents, he learns a valuable lesson that is valuable for all of us today.

Pastor Corey

August 6: “Generosity Explained”

1 Samuel 30:1-25

It is easy to be generous with those who meet our expectations, but more difficult to be generous toward those who don’t meet those expectations. This week, we will be exploring what it means to truly have our hearts aligned with God, and to imitate His generosity. What if we lived life with fewer expectations and more generosity?

Pastor Corey

August 13: “Undignified”

2 Samuel 6:1-23

Worship is more than songs we sing or hands we lift to God.  Worship is an invitation to God to change us and change our world. One of David’s stories shows us there is a right way to worship God and a wrong way.

Pastor Nate

August 20: “This Is Not What I Had Planned”

2 Samuel 12:1-10

As we look at the final years of David’s rule as king it is safe to assume that he did not envision his rule to be marked by so much dysfunction and failure. What do you do when you find yourself in a situation that is not at all what you would have planned? How would you respond?

Pastor Corey

August 27: “The Son of David”

Matthew 12:9-23

Jesus is often called the Son of David in the gospels. The David story helps us to understand what it means that God became flesh. Jesus wants for us to have a real faith for a real life. Join us to see what that might look like in our real lives.

Pastor Corey