Kids Camp 2019

June 17th - 21st

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Kids Camp gives us the amazing opportunity to present the awesome message of God to kids in extremely creative ways. Kids participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, devour yummy treats, experience one-of-a-kind Bible adventures, collect Bible Memory Buddies to remind them of God’s love, and create fantastic crafts.

Camper FAQ

  • Can I request that my child be put in a group with their friends?
    • We can honor one friend request from the same grade/age group (i.e. a 4th grader cannot be in a 5th grade group). There is a spot on the registration form for you to request one friend be placed in your group.
  • How do I change the group my kid was put in?
    • You can request a change when you pick up your t-shirt; after that there will be no group changes. We will do our best to honor your request, but please understand we cannot guarantee a change.
  • How do I know my registration went through?
    • You will immediately receive a confirmation email. If that doesn’t happen, please contact Stacee Eggers at
  • How do I know my PayPal went through?
    • You should receive an email receipt from Paypal within 24 hours. If you don’t receive the email, please check your Paypal account to verify.
  • How do I pick up my kids early?
    • You must go to the information desk with your numbered pick up tag and they will send a runner to bring your child to you.
  • What if I need someone else to pick up my kids?
    • Whoever is picking up your child will need to have a numbered pick up tag for your child.
  • Allergies?
    • There is a spot on the registration for you to notify our team about your child’s allergies. Allergy lists will be given to team leaders and the Snack Coordinator.
  • When do I pick up my t-shirt?
    • Scheduled times are as follows:
      • June 10th – 13th
        • 10am – 3pm
      • June 15th
        • 9am – 1pm
      • June 16th
        • 10am – 12:15pm
    • *AGAIN THIS YEAR: There will be no camper t-shirt pick up on the first morning of camp (Monday). T-shirts must be picked up prior to Monday morning or following pick-up after camp on Monday.


  • Training Dates
    • June 2nd
      • 10:45 am
    • June 5th
      • 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
    • June 9th
      • 9:00 am
    • June 16th
      • 9:00 am
  • Adults 18 and older – After you submit your volunteer registration, you will receive an email from This will include a link that allows you to take an on-line awareness course. It is mandatory that you take this on-line training to volunteer at KIDS CAMP. This training must be completed by June 4th. We will receive a certificate from Ministry Safe following the completion of your on-line training. Without this certificate, you may NOT volunteer at Kids Camp.
  • Teen Volunteers – One Mandatory Training Session will be held on June 14th following Kids Camp Kick-off (Approximately 8pm in the sanctuary). This is mandatory for all Teen Volunteers under the age of 18.


  • When do I get my placement?
    • You will receive a confirmation email that your registration has arrived in our office. Please be patient. It takes some time to place all of our wonderful 250+ volunteers in their positions. We will do our best to honor one of your three position requests. Although we can’t give you an exact date when you will receive your placement, we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Do I have to take the on-line training course if I’ve volunteered for Kids Camp before?
    • Yes, safety is our first priority and this in how we ensure both our kids and volunteers are safe. With so many volunteers in so many different areas, this is the best way for us to rally the troops and be on the same page for a great week!
  • When do I get my t-shirt?
    • T-shirts will be handed out at Kick-Off on June 15th, 6pm. Since we do not have in person trainings this year, it’s crucial that you attend Kick-off. Plus, Kick-Off is super fun!
  • Do I need a background check; I’ve had one done before?
    • Arvada Covenant Church renews background checks every three years. You will be contacted if your background check has expired and you will need to fill out another form. This will also be done through “Ministry Safe.”
    • **NOTE!! – If you do not have a current background check on file with our church, you may not volunteer for Kids Camp.
  • Do I have to be there every day?
    • If you want to volunteer and don’t have the entire week free, we do have a few positions for substitutes. Please indicate this on your application.
  • Do have I have to attend ACC in order to volunteer?
    • No, we welcome volunteers from other churches who display a mature, growing relationship with Christ.
  • Childcare & minicamp:
    • If you are volunteering and have a child who is under the age of 5 and not starting Kindergarten in the fall, then you may sign your child up for nursery or minicamp.
    • Please note: You will sign your mini-camper up through the volunteer registration site, not the camper registration site.