In John 6, Jesus began to make claims that caused many disciples to stop following him. Jesus asks Simon Peter, “are you going to leave?” Peter responds with a deeply profound and spiritual answer, “…to whom else would we go? We know you have the words of eternal life.” It’s our hope that through this series we could all realize that Jesus is the only true place we can go to find answers and hope to needs in our lives. Jesus puts all things in life in order, He makes everything fit in to place.

February 18: “Life On Purpose”

Judges 6:1-17

Have you ever felt a little lost? Like maybe there should be more to life, but you just don’t feel equipped or able to grab onto it? Come and hear what it looks like to live life on purpose!

Corey Johnsrud

February 11: “Hope for Anxiety?”

Matthew 6:24-34

When we are anxious we can easily lose sight of God’s strength and presence in our lives. If God is who He says He is and He loves us the way He says He does then we can have a peaceful heart instead of an anxious one.

Corey Johnsrud

February 4: “Where do I go with this Pain?”

Matthew 11:25-30

Pain is deeply personal and unique to each individual. All of us consider where to look for relief to our pain. Most of us search for things to help us cope with these feelings. This week we will consider if God is really all we need to journey through our pain.

Joel Adams