Jesus places lots of value on the “one” (lost sheep, lost coin, etc.). Followers of Christ continue to be challenged by scripture to notice and engage with the people God has placed in our lives whether that is our neighbor, coworker or the waitress at a restaurant. All of these people matter to God.

March 25: “Invite One”

Mark 2:1-12

Friendship is a beautiful thing especially when our friends help us carry our heaviest loads in life. What does it look like to be that kind of friend? What life loads can you help a friend carry and how?

Corey Johnsrud

March 18: “Lead One”

Acts 20:7-12

Passing faith to the next generation is vital for the survival of the Church, but we often have a hard time communicating with each other. Hear a unique story and pick up some tips on how to “Lead One” towards the Kingdom.

Corey Johnsrud

March 11: “Be the One”

Acts 10:9-48

Peter was led into a situation that was very uncomfortable for him and yet obeyed. Where are we being asked to step into unfamiliar territory? This Sunday we will look into how we can prepare ourselves to follow.

Corey Johnsrud

March 4: “Notice One”

Luke 10:25-37

God notices your life. He sees you. There are days that is easy to believe and there are days that is hard to believe. Since God “pays attention” to us part of our joy is to notice others and give them our attention. This is grace.

Nate Powell