Following Jesus is a decision that many people make in their life. It seems we can often get lost in our way of following Jesus. Our lives can become this odd combination of valuing things that don’t glorify God and making behavior changes motivated by our faith. In this series we want to explore how remarkable the call to following Christ can change our influence when we live and look like Jesus. We will talk about what it looks like to breakthrough the Christian stereotype, going beyond a surface faith, making God part of every aspect of your life, and breaking through self-centeredness that can often make our lives look very different than Jesus. Jesus told a parable of seed being planted on different types of soil. Only one kind of soil was able to produce the New Life found in Jesus that illustrated the Kingdom of God. We are praying for this kind of NEW life breaking through in our lives this year.

January 28: “Basic”

Luke 19:1-9

What is our most basic desire? It is to be seen and known. Zaccheaus was driven to not only see Jesus, but be seen by him. What lengths do we have to take to get our most basic needs fulfilled?

Corey Johnsrud

January 21: “The Stereotype”

John 4:3-30

We often think that we know more about people than we do, especially those people who are different than us. Many of us also have from time to time found ourselves “stereotyped” by the assumptions of those around us, which can make us feel trapped. Come see how Jesus destroys both our stereotypes and the stereotypes placed on us, so that we might experience true life.

Corey Johnsrud

January 14: “It’s All About Me”

Matthew 19:16-28

When we think of ourselves first and create our own truth we actually slow down our growth and miss the truth God is invited us to embrace.

Corey Johnsrud

January 7: “The Surface”

Ephesians 3:14-21

As we move deeper in faith, in love, and in understanding we can move past surface-level living into a boundless experience of God’s amazing love.

Nate Powell