It is truly a joy to sit and watch these little kiddos talk about a world that is limitless because of their imaginations. We focus on igniting their imagination of a God they can relate to. We create a space to activate their senses and we work hard to structure their experience in order to help them flourish in their environment.


We group our children by when they start Kindergarten using Jeffco’s cutoff dates. In Jeffco kids start Kindergarten the year they turn 5 by Oct 1st. So when we promote preschool in the fall of each year it will look like this:

Kindergarten: kids that will turn 6 between Oct 1 and Sept 30 the following year
Giraffes: kids that will turn 5 between Oct 1 and Sept 30 the following year
Bumblebees: kids that turn 4 between Oct 1 and Sept 30 the following year
Sunbeams: kids that turn 3 between Oct 1 and Sept 30 the following year.


Children’s Ministry is located downstairs. Come say “Hi” to one of our friendly hosts and they will direct you on how to check in and how to get to your child’s room.  We incorporate both large group and small group environments on Sunday mornings. With the preschool kids we teach through their senses. We sing songs (rhyming of course), make crafts, use pictures and HAVE TO eat snacks. The structure we create help preschoolers to feel safe to imagine and wonder about the God who created them. We do ALL this because we believe these environments increases the potential for kids to see and know God.

Click here for a more detailed look at the times and locations of the Preschool environments on Sunday mornings.