Whether it be during a worship service, Sunday School or another church-sponsored activity, our goal is to make each child feel loved and valued as a child of God.

In order to better care for your child, we have laid out some guidelines which are outlined below. We feel these guidelines reflect high standards of hygiene and efficiency that are necessary to maintain proper care for your little one.

Our Nursery facilities will be open during the following times:

Sunday Morning Worship

  • 9:00 – Infants and toddlers
  • 10:45 – Infants and toddlers

Wednesday evenings

  • 6:30 to 8:30 – Infants and toddlers


To alleviate confusion at the nursery counter, please have only one parent bring the child and call for him later. It may also be necessary for you to wait your turn as we both check in and check out children from the nursery.

When you bring your child, please:

  • Fill out the registration form so we can care for your child in the best way possible. Please keep your form up to date, letting us know of any special daily needs of your child and where you will be located in case of emergency. Be sure to note if your child has a food allergy.
  • Have all of your child’s belongings labeled.
  • Sign child in on sign-in sheet. If you are attending a Sunday School class, indicate on the sheet where you will be.
  • You will be given a name tag for your child and an ID badge with your child’s name on it. Place the name tag on your child. Return the ID badge to a Nursery worker when picking up your child.

Paging System:

  • We have a visual paging system. The last four digits of your phone number serve as a security check, as well as a pager number.
  • Should your child need you during the Worship Service, the numbers will appear on either side of the front of the Worship Center. Please go immediately to the Nursery Counter.

We suggest you bring:

  • A diaper bag
  • At least two diapers per service; include a plastic bag for cloth diapers
  • A plastic bottle for feeding (no glass, please) or cup if needed, marked with your child’s name; only bottle feedings will be given, no spoon feedings.
  • Pacifier or other form of security
  • An extra change of clothes for emergencies

Do not allow your child to bring personal toys or other possessions unless it is a “security” item (pacifier, blanket, etc.).

We will provide:

  • Crackers for snacks (given only to babies who sit up and have teeth)
  • Clean sheets and blankets for each child who uses a crib
  • Sanitized toys (toys are cleaned after use)
  • Extra disposable diapers and pins for emergencies

Adjustment to the Nursery:
Your child may cry when left with us. This reaction is a normal, healthy show of preference for parents.

The child’s fussing usually stops within a few minutes, and becomes less common with regular attendance. If crying persists, we will page you.

Health Policies

  1. No sick babies in the nursery (including coughs, colds, runny noses, fevers, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea). You will be paged if the nursery supervisor feels that the child is not well.
  2. The workers in our nurseries will not give any medication. If your child requires medication while you are at church, please make arrangements to administer the medication yourself. Please keep the medication with you and not in your child’s diaper bag.
  3. Please be sure your child is up to date on his/her immunizations.
  4. To allow immunity buildup, please do not bring newborn babies until they are at least three weeks old.
  5. If your child is not feeling well but lacks any specific symptoms, please do not bring him. His resistance may be down and he might pick up something. The nursery staff reserves the right to refuse any child they feel is too sick to be placed in the nursery.
  6. If your child becomes ill while in the nursery, you will be promptly notified through the paging system.
  7. If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, he or she should have received treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to the Nursery.

Staff & Emergencies

One of the big reasons our baby and toddler rooms are such terrific places for little ones is because we have wonderful volunteers. Having enough volunteers ensures that each child gets plenty of friendly, personal attention.

If your child shares in the use of the nursery facilities, we urge you to also share in the responsibility of adequate and quality nursery care by signing up to help staff our nursery program. Parents will be asked to substitute when nursery volunteers are unable to help. If you wish to help on a regular basis, contact the church office.

Please do not hesitate to speak to the Nursery Coordinator or call the church office if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement in our Nursery.

In case of a fire alarm, please meet your child on the grass area south of the church entrance, not in the Nursery! We have an evacuation plan in place. Any congestion in the hall would hinder our escape route.


Each room is designed to meet the needs of each baby’s physical, spiritual and emotional stages of development. They are given clean toys geared to stimulate their development. Transfer of babies to the Toddler room will be based on maturation. The Nursery Supervisor will help make this decision.

2 year old children are promoted to a Preschool classroom twice during the year. If your child turns 2 after February 1st and before October 1st, they will join the Sunbeams in room C102 the Sunday after Labor Day in September. If your child turns two between October 1 and February 1, they will move to the Sunbeams class the first Sunday in February.