One Of Us

One of the most radical claims of Christianity is that the Divine would become man and live and walk among us. In John’s Gospel he claims “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” This Christmas season we want to understand a few key reasons why God would become One of Us. In this series, we will see that Jesus not only brought about salvation for all but He also revealed a few key attributes of the Father. Join us for this great 5 week discussion called “One of Us.”

November 29: Watch Me

John 14:1-14

Why did God choose to become one of us? Why did God choose to be born into human form?  Answer: to communicate and demonstrate what God is like.  Jesus didn’t claim to HAVE the best explanation of God, Jesus claimed to BE the best explanation of God.  You and I will never get a better clue as to what the Father is like than through His Son, Jesus.   Look to Jesus – come to know the Father through the Son.

Pastor John

December 6: Displayed in Him

John 9:1-38

If living out your faith hurts other people, you are doing it wrong. That seems to have been what was happening when Jesus challenged religious people in His day. Jesus wants to bring our understanding and practice of faith closer together in a way that shows mercy and grace for ALL people.

Pastor John

December 13: The Approach

Hebrews 4:14-16

Jesus reveals things about God that we can’t find anywhere else. He is able to understand the hardships, joy, struggles, and hopes of our lives because he experienced them as well. We can approach God with confidence.

Pastor Nate

December 20: The Problem With Religion

Mark 2:23-28

God created people and God created rules, but the rules were created second to serve the people.  Jesus came to put religion in its place, which is ALWAYS second place to people.

Pastor John

December 27: Run Strong

Hebrews 11:23-28 & 12:1-2; Exodus 5:1-9

Jesus came to show us that everything is spiritual. What we touch, what we see, who we talk to, how we treat them – it all has spiritual implications. You are constantly investing in spiritual realities and things that may or may not travel with you into eternity. Let’s allow 2016 to be a year when we join God in the work He is doing all around us, if we would open our spiritual eyes and see it.

Pastor Nate