We have partnered with an organization called Q Place to produce this series called “WhoCares?” Many of us would love to have an opportunity to share the Hope we have in Jesus but feel paralyzed by not knowing where to begin.  Q Place has developed a very simple but profound study on how to begin communicating  – engaging the community to share the love of God.  It is our hope that throughout this series you might find yourself responding to the question of Who cares? Join us in the journey of learning how to connect with those around you and how to develop powerful relationships.

September 6th, 2015: WhoCares? – Pay Attention

Matthew 9:36-38 / Luke 7:11-13
Do we, as followers of Christ, care about and value others as equally important, or less important than ourselves? Let’s ask ourselves this hard question, then take the action needed in our daily lives to really notice others, and pay attention!

Pastor John


September 13th, 2015: WhoCares? – Go Deep

Ephesians 1:15-19
The human heart can be a hard place.  We are dependent on God to work in people’s lives.  When we pray TO God FOR people, we are trusting that He will move US into a greater place of caring about others.

Pastor Nate

September 20th, 2015: WhoCares? – Listen Up

James 1: 19-27
Listening is an act of love.  It communicates God’s love to people in profoundly real ways and opens up opportunities for connection.

Pastor Nate

September 27th, 2015: WhoCares? – Ask Questions

Philippians 2:3-5 / John 4
Asking questions helps us look not ONLY to our own interests, but to the interests of others.  ENGAGE people – be curious…

Pastor John

October 4th, 2015: WhoCares? – You Are Welcome

Luke 15:1-2/1Peter 4: 7-10
Jesus was recognized as a “friend of sinners.” He welcomed people with His FACE, with His SPACE, and with His PLACE. If we are going to impact the world with the HOPE of Jesus Christ, it will be through a welcoming LOVE!

Pastor John

October 11th, 2015: WhoCares? – Loving The Stranger

It was a privilege to host Georges Houssney, Founder and President of Horizons International.  Mr. Houssney is passionately proclaiming the gospel and discipling the nations, especially the Muslim world.  It was an inspiration to hear about the work that God is doing around the world and as a church we are invited to actively take part in the advancement of the Gospel happening in the Muslim community.

Georges Houssney

October 18th, 2015: WhoCares? – Do Something

The serving OF others and WITH others can help all of us experience God’s love and truth in action, can deepen relationships, and can open up vibrant discussions about life and God.  Jesus asks, “Will you care?” and we believe that when we care, we will DO something.

Pastor Nate

MemoryMakers – Volunteer Celebration

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “THEY should do something about that”?  This message invites us to move to the thought, “WE are THEY”.  What can we do to further God’s kingdom?  Don’t wait!  Jesus can work through YOU!

August 30th: MemoryMakers – Volunteer Celebration


Pastor John