The Art of Battling Giants

Have you heard the voice of Fear whisper into your heart? “Who do YOU think you are to attempt that?” Have you ever felt that moment right after your anger has ruined another conversation or relationship? There are very powerful emotions that can easily derail us from the life we believe God desires for all of us. Real or imagined: Fear, Anger, Regret, Cynicism, Discontent, Other’s opinions, or Greed can be overwhelming emotions. These are major “GIANTS” looming in all of us. God’s plan is to help us battle these emotional “giants.” Join us in this new series as we teach; “The Art of Battling Giants!”

July 5th: Battling Giants- Fear

Mark 4:35-41
Jesus’ closest friends experienced FEAR. They had very real moments when their life was threatened. Do you know what Jesus asked them? “Why are you afraid?” In a world where it seems like we are encouraged to be more and more afraid, God’s voice asks, “why are you afraid?” When the Disciples experienced a Risen Christ their response to moments of fear were very different than before. When you know the One who has conquered your greatest fear, DEATH, it seems to change things. Our hope is we could learn from Jesus’ friends and begin to trust more and more in the One who has conquered death.

Pastor John

July 12th: Battling Giants – Other’s opinions

Proverbs 29:25
We are so prone to measure our worth based on other’s opinions of us. Most of the time, living to please others doesn’t seem to be hurting us, but deep down we know the effects it has on our hearts and souls. Will you ever be able to please everyone? What happens when people’s opinions change and what once worked no longer benefits you. What happens when you have used other’s opinions to define you and you don’t like who you have become? God has so much more for you and I. What would happen if we learned to embrace who God says we are?

Pastor Nate

July 19th: Battling Giants – Discontent

God is the most generous being that has ever or will ever exist. So why do we think He will be stingy with us? You can’t out give the Creator and generosity is the best way to live life. So give!

Joel Adams

July 26th: Battling Giants – Cynicism

Every day, the spirit of cynicism can act like a slow leak in the tire of our faith, but our God is the God of new beginnings and new possibilities.  God IS (present tense) making all things new!

Pastor John

August 2nd: Battling Giants – Anger

We all get angry.  The question is, what do we do with it?  Should a person who follows Jesus react differently when they are angry?

Kurt Gewinner

August 9th: Battling Giants – Greed

Listen to this message dealing with greed in our lives.

Pastor John

August 16th: Battling Giants – Regret

Every one of us has regrets, but the good news is, our shackles of regret are shattered by the grace we find in Jesus. Let God put up a “no trespassing” sign on the memories of your past mistakes, and live into the grace of Christ.

Pastor John