HSM Messages


One of the greatest invitations of Christ is the offer of new life. However, there is a tension in a person that is created between old and new that at the core is about their will. The reality is that many people have good intentions to follow Jesus but never really want to let go of their will in exchange for what God’s will is.

In this series we will look at 4 areas of our life where we are prone to not fully embrace God’s will as a follower of Christ. And to be encouraged that if we pursued God’s will, our lives would be transformed.

Week 2: A Call To Action: One of the most compelling things about God throughout history has always been that He responded. He responded to brokenness and need with action. Many of us follow Jesus and attempt to make ourselves numb to the needs of people around us. Some of us are aware of the needs but don’t ever take action. In 1 John 3:17-18 followers of Jesus are invited to become people of ACTION. To show up in the brokenness and need of the world around them and offer compassion. This will be the most compelling thing we can do for our community.