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We often think that “mission or missions” is something that happens over there or somewhere else – not where we are. But we serve a God on a mission and that mission includes us. God demonstrates this mission over and over again in the story of God and His people in the Old Testament and in His relationship to us. We are not only the objects of that mission, but participants in it too.

October 22: “The Mission of God”

Genesis 12: 1-5

Abram was never meant to be the end of God’s blessing. He was invited to be a conduit of God’s blessing to the rest of the world. He was told to go and share this blessing with those who did not know God yet. We are invited into the same mission, the same call. It is a wonderful opportunity to live a life that matters for people around you.

Pastor Corey

October 29: “The Mission of Jesus”

Mark 1:15; Matthew 28:19-20

The incarnation is a demonstration of God’s missionary nature. In order for us to join the mission of Jesus, we first have to hear his call to us. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Pastor Corey

November 5: “The Bridge to Nowhere”

Acts 17:15-32

Jesus equipped us with the Holy Spirit so we might join God at work in the world, but what do we do when the times are confusing and overwhelming? The story of Paul in Athens provides us a glimpse into mission in unfamiliar settings.

Pastor Corey

November 12: “What’s So Great About the Great Commission?”

Matthew 28:16-20

Jesus called us to GO and MAKE disciples every where we find ourselves. We call this His Great Commission. What makes it great? Why would you want to give your life to going and making?

Dr. Al Tizon

Shalom – A series about wholeness

September 3: “Full Life”

John 19:41; John 20:11-18

Jesus declared in John 10:10 that God desired that His children would have life to the full, so how do we begin to reframe our categories in life around the promise in John 10:10?

Pastor Corey

September 10: “Sharing Faith on the Road of Life”

Luke 24:13-38

This week we will see the power of community. Two friends of Jesus have an unexpected meeting with Him that moves them towards shalom and a more full life.  It’s interesting to note the fruit of their encounter–their hearts burned, they gained courage and they recognized Jesus in that moment.

Tiger McLuen

September 17: “Even the Parts We Cannot See”

Psalm 139: 1-16

One of the hardest places to find peace is inside our own hearts and minds.  This can be really difficult when we struggle with mental illness.  What is God doing when we are in the dark places of life?

Pastor Corey

September 24: “Unconditional”

Romans 14, Colossians 3

Finding peace and wholeness in our families can be difficult.  The expectations we place on our parents, on our kids, and on our siblings can set us up for pain and anger.  Let’s find shalom in our families this weekend.

Pastor Nate

October 1: “It’s Mutual I’m Sure”

Ephesians 5:21-30

God created marriage so that two can become one – and that is a mystery. As each submit to one another, love one another, and find mutual respect God’s nature is reflected to the world.

Pastor Corey

October 8: “Abundance or Scarcity?”

Psalm 50:1-15

As we continue our study of Shalom we look at a promise from God to provide for all our needs. As we look at our possessions and finances it is clear that most of us feel the stress of trying to gain more and hold on to what we have. God offers a better way to view what we have been given and how we can trust Him with what we have in our lives.

Pastor Corey

October 15: “What our bodies are meant for”

1 Corinthians 6:12-20

As we continue our study of Shalom we look at a promise from God to provide for all our needs. As we look at our possessions and finances it is clear that most of us feel the stress of trying to gain more and hold on to what we have. God offers a better way to view what we have been given and how we can trust Him with what we have in our lives.

Pastor Corey

King David

The story of David in the Bible is the story of a real life. A complicated, messy, and oftentimes broken life, but real life nonetheless. In the midst of that real life, we learn of David’s real faith. Faith that engages that messy, broken life head on. David teaches us that real life requires real faith. This is the kind of real faith we need in the midst of our own real lives.

July 9: “The Little Things”

1 Samuel 16: 1-13

David was tending sheep when God told Samuel to anoint him as Israel’s next king. David had every reason to leave the menial task of taking care of sheep but he did not. It’s in this dedication to the little things that God was forming David for what was to come in his life. It’s in these moments that we find David developed a strong faith in God. David’s commitment to the “little things” enabled him to face much larger and complicated situations in his life.

Pastor Corey

July 16: “Be Prepared”

1 Samuel 17: 12-16; 32-50

David learned he could trust God while he was a shepherd. He was prepared for something bigger. Because he was prepared he approached the situation with Goliath with outstanding clarity. He saw something that King Saul could not see. His confidence was in God.

Pastor Corey

July 23: “When Things Unravel”

1 Samuel 21

David’s life gets difficult and he is forced to trust in God or trust in his own ability. He loses sight of God’s faithfulness and he abandons many of his beliefs in an effort to gain control. David’s failures show us how quickly we can spiral out of control when we forgot that God is faithful.

Joel Adams

July 30: “Abigail’s Way”

1 Samuel 25:23-31

As David continues down a path of harmful decisions, he is interrupted by Abigail, who offers some much needed perspective. Abigail reminds David that getting even, or righting a wrong by doing wrong, is not the way of the Lord. As David relents, he learns a valuable lesson that is valuable for all of us today.

Pastor Corey

August 6: “Generosity Explained”

1 Samuel 30:1-25

It is easy to be generous with those who meet our expectations, but more difficult to be generous toward those who don’t meet those expectations. This week, we will be exploring what it means to truly have our hearts aligned with God, and to imitate His generosity. What if we lived life with fewer expectations and more generosity?

Pastor Corey

August 13: “Undignified”

2 Samuel 6:1-23

Worship is more than songs we sing or hands we lift to God.  Worship is an invitation to God to change us and change our world. One of David’s stories shows us there is a right way to worship God and a wrong way.

Pastor Nate

August 20: “This Is Not What I Had Planned”

2 Samuel 12:1-10

As we look at the final years of David’s rule as king it is safe to assume that he did not envision his rule to be marked by so much dysfunction and failure. What do you do when you find yourself in a situation that is not at all what you would have planned? How would you respond?

Pastor Corey

August 27: “The Son of David”

Matthew 12:9-23

Jesus is often called the Son of David in the gospels. The David story helps us to understand what it means that God became flesh. Jesus wants for us to have a real faith for a real life. Join us to see what that might look like in our real lives.

Pastor Corey



This Changes Everything • The Book of Ephesians

Help us welcome our new Transition Pastor, Corey Johnsrud, as he kicks off several weeks reflecting on Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.

May 7: “Where It All Begins”

Ephesians 1

In the first chapter, Paul writes about the origins of our faith and explains what God has done in Christ.

Pastor Corey

May 14: “Dead or Alive?”

Ephesians 2:1-10

Paul reminds those early followers of Jesus that their lives are dead to sin and alive in Christ. What does it mean to die to sin and embrace a life that finds its existence in Jesus?

Pastor Corey

May 21: “Bridge Builders”

Ephesians 2:11-22

Jesus brings people together, into the family of God.  He calls all people and unites them together for one mission, to love God and love those God created. Jesus brings peace and allows us to call one another brothers and sisters.

Pastor Corey

May 28: “We’re On A Mission From God”

Ephesians 3:14-21

God has a mission for the world and He has brought together a group of world-changers – you and me. As we encounter God’s amazing love, we are transformed and God’s Spirit calls us to express love to others.

Pastor Corey

June 4: “Called Together”

Ephesians 4:1-7

The Apostle Paul urges us to be unified as we follow Christ together. Unity was as difficult to achieve then as it seems to us now. Come learn what it really takes to be unified in Christ.

Pastor Corey


June 11: “Politics, Road Rage, and Speaking Peace”

Ephesians 4:25-32

Anger seems to be an ever-present companion in our lives these days. We scream at one another in our cars and belittle each others’ beliefs. Why are we so angry? What do we do about it? Come join us as we learn together what it means to speak peace to one another.

Pastor Corey

June 18: “How Goes Your Walk?”

Ephesians 5:1-20

Daily life, everyday choices, moment-by-moment conversations – these things matter.  They define how we walk through life; the kind of existence we live. Paul calls us to walk in love and live in the light.

Pastor Nate

June 25: “Suit Up and Stand”

Ephesians 6:10-18

Life can be tough. Sometimes life can be really tough. Standing up under the pressures and losses we experience takes a toll on our spirits. In daily battles, God invites us to gear up spiritually. This Sunday we will finish up our study of the book of Ephesians and focus on the defensive and offensive spiritual armor.

Pastor Nate

Love Will Cost You

If you want to love like Jesus it will cost you.  His kind of love is not cheap or easy to dismiss. He made himself nothing so that we might have something, a life of power, purpose, and love.

April 30: “Love Will Cost You”

John 13:3-15 / Philippians 2:6-8

Pastor Nate

Final Thoughts

Pastor John finishes up his ministry at ACC.  John has spent almost 4 decades leading churches and pastoring communities. As he moves into this new season of life, we get to celebrate with him and release him as God continues to call him to impact lives.

April 23: “Final Thoughts”

Luke 19:10

Pastor John


April 16: “Not What We Expected”

Luke 24:13-35

When is the last time you felt your heart “burning within you”?  We all want to live lives that count, that have passion and focus. Jesus’ resurrection reminds us that a passionate life starts with His passion.

Pastor John


Our new series is about the future, and about change, and all of the responses we are prone to have when we find ourselves in uncharted areas of life. We look at several examples of people who followed God into situations where the outcome was unknown and all they had to rely on was the promises of God. Join us as we begin a discussion about how to trust God when it seems like life doesn’t make sense and you are unsure about what lies ahead.

March 5: “Strong and Loving”

Ecclesiastes 3:1, Psalm 62:8-12

We can tell when the seasons are going to change. The sun sets earlier, the wind blows chillier, the leaves look browner… and we know something is about to change. When the season of your life shifts, God is strong and loving.  He knows the way through uncharted territory.

Pastor Nate

March 12: “Afraid of Giants”

Joshua 1

When we move into uncharted territory we don’t know what to expect. We know something is going to change but we don’t know what. The fear of this unknown can keep us from growing. God promises to be with us in the face of that giant.

Pastor John

March 19: “The Courage To Ask”

2 Kings 2:1-12

The next season of your life may be uncharted but God knows it completely.  That’s why it makes sense to ask Him to give you what you need to make it through. Take courage! Your Father cares and will respond to your request for His presence and power.

Pastor John

March 26: “Looking Forward”

1 Chronicles 22:11-16, John 14:12-14, Deuteronomy 31:7-8

Scripture is filled with people that pursued God’s calling on their life and handed that calling on to others. Some of them didn’t even realize their dreams but entrusted them to the next generation. Maybe the greater things God wants to do through your life will come through those you inspire.

Pastor Nate

April 2: “Fulfill Your Ministry”

2 Timothy 4:1-5

Paul encouraged his friend Timothy to stay committed to the mission of the people of God, the Church. The Word of God, the people of God, and the world He created continue to call us to love and sacrifice so that people may see God’s love and grace.

Pastor John

April 9: “A Change To Your Plans”

John 16:4-11

That small band of followers had a plan for Jesus.  He was going to be the new king over Israel to establish a new Israel and new kingdom.  Jesus had a plan to be a different kind of King.  God’s plans for our lives don’t always fit neatly into our own plans.  Whose will you follow?

Pastor John

The (UN)Qualified

We are launching into an 8 week adventure known as the Community Bible Experience. Our small groups and sermon series will align around this resource. It’s an exercise Covenant churches are doing across the country. We will be reading through the entire New Testament in a version of the Bible that has removed all the study aids that were added long after the books were written, such as chapters and verses. We will be reading Paul’s letters, for example, in a format that feels much more like a letter, and less like a textbook for a class.

We decided that we would look at the authors of these books we will be reading, and get a window into their lives.

And here’s what’s interesting: every single one of them had something in their life or an aspect of their character that led them to be less than adequate to the task. That their qualification for being a contributing author to the most influential book in the history of the planet came not from their innate adequacy, but from God’s empowerment.

And my prayer is that if we don’t learn anything else in these 8 weeks, we will learn that we ARE qualified, because it is GOD HIMSELF who makes us so.

January 8: “A Gentile”

Luke 1:1-4

Our first author, Luke, was not a Jew but a Gentile.  This alone might have caused him to be eliminated from being included in the writings of the New Testament.  However, we end up reading much of Luke’s writing in the New Testament – almost 1/3 of it was written by this “unqualified” Gentile.  He also was not an eyewitness to Jesus.  He was a relative late comer.  However, because of his faith, God used him in mighty ways.

Pastor John

January 15: “The Killer”

1 Corinthians 15:9-11

The Bible’s authors were far from perfect – and Paul was no exception. Even though he was well-educated, intelligent, and had the ability to straddle both the Roman and Jewish worlds, he was a murderer. But God, in His infinite grace, turned Paul around and made this unQualified man into one of the most influential people in history.

Pastor John

January 29: “A Slave Owner”


Our series continues this week with a story of a slave and a slave owner. Neither was what we would normally think of as a “saint”, however, through the grace of God, both were able to go beyond their normal human nature and practice forgiveness, sacrifice, and blessing.

Pastor John

February 5: “A Tax Collector”

Luke 5:27-32

Matthew was a tax collector who was a Jew.  Romans didn’t like him because they didn’t trust the Jews – Jews didn’t like him because he collected money from them for the hated empire.  Matthew illustrates how we sometimes believe we are unqualified for God because of what other people believe (or say) about us.  Jesus gave Matthew a new identity – his “qualification”.  Who are you today?  This story illustrates the Lord’s call on our lives and the possibility for NEW identity in him.  Grab hold and see where it leads.

Pastor Nate

February 12: “A Deserter”

Acts 15:36-41

This week, our story starts out with the premise that we all fail. The Bible includes many stories of failure. The good news is that the redeeming grace of Jesus takes us beyond our failures. The key is in allowing God to pick you up, brush you off and restore you to His calling.

Pastor John

February 19: “A Coward”

Luke 22:54-62

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the willingness to push through it and do what needs to be done. Peter’s impulsive spirit, and his susceptibility to fear, were tamed and redirected by the empowering love of Jesus Christ in his life.

Pastor John

February 26: “An Ordinary Follower”

Matthew 4:18-22

It is easy to assume that God only uses extraordinary people for the work of His Kingdom. We forget that the Kingdom is most often advanced through ordinary people doing small acts of obedience on a day to day basis. John was an ordinary blue collar fisherman with a sensitive personality who was used in mighty ways to help launch the Church of Jesus Christ.

Pastor John

New Years

January 1: “Be Here”

Isaiah 43:16-19

We often feel like time is flying by, and even though we are busy, we are not satisfied. The God that created and formed us invites us to forget the past and be here; be in this moment, be present, and perceive what He is doing.

Pastor Nate