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Kingdom Come

Prayer is a vital part of life. Jesus gives us instruction on how to pray and even a prayer to pray. What does it look like to pray the prayer that Jesus gave us? This week we begin a series that will explore the Lord’s Prayer.

April 29: “Our Father”

Matthew 6:9

The radical prayer from Jesus begins with how he approaches God. He comes before God and all His holiness and addresses him as Father. The remaining structure of the Lord’s Prayer finds it’s purpose out of the context of God as Father.

Corey Johnsrud

Vision Sunday

April 15: “Power of Perception”

Isaiah 43:14-19

When Jesus asked “Do you want to get well?” He was pushing into an important question for each of us. We have a way of acclimatizing to the realities of our lives and sometimes our sickness is more comfortable than the healing Jesus offers.

Corey Johnsrud

Made Well

April 8: “Made Well”

John 4, 5, 9, 11

When Jesus asked “Do you want to get well?” He was pushing into an important question for each of us. We have a way of acclimatizing to the realities of our lives and sometimes our sickness is more comfortable than the healing Jesus offers.

Nate Powell

Easter 2018

April 1: “Easter”

John 20:1-11

The tomb is empty and the power of God is on display. Jesus defeated death to show that He will do what needs to be done to fill out lives with hope, joy, and perfect love.

Corey Johnsrud

Just One

Jesus places lots of value on the “one” (lost sheep, lost coin, etc.). Followers of Christ continue to be challenged by scripture to notice and engage with the people God has placed in our lives whether that is our neighbor, coworker or the waitress at a restaurant. All of these people matter to God.

March 25: “Invite One”

Mark 2:1-12

Friendship is a beautiful thing especially when our friends help us carry our heaviest loads in life. What does it look like to be that kind of friend? What life loads can you help a friend carry and how?

Corey Johnsrud

March 18: “Lead One”

Acts 20:7-12

Passing faith to the next generation is vital for the survival of the Church, but we often have a hard time communicating with each other. Hear a unique story and pick up some tips on how to “Lead One” towards the Kingdom.

Corey Johnsrud

March 11: “Be the One”

Acts 10:9-48

Peter was led into a situation that was very uncomfortable for him and yet obeyed. Where are we being asked to step into unfamiliar territory? This Sunday we will look into how we can prepare ourselves to follow.

Corey Johnsrud

March 4: “Notice One”

Luke 10:25-37

God notices your life. He sees you. There are days that is easy to believe and there are days that is hard to believe. Since God “pays attention” to us part of our joy is to notice others and give them our attention. This is grace.

Nate Powell

Key to Life

In John 6, Jesus began to make claims that caused many disciples to stop following him. Jesus asks Simon Peter, “are you going to leave?” Peter responds with a deeply profound and spiritual answer, “…to whom else would we go? We know you have the words of eternal life.” It’s our hope that through this series we could all realize that Jesus is the only true place we can go to find answers and hope to needs in our lives. Jesus puts all things in life in order, He makes everything fit in to place.

February 18: “Life On Purpose”

Judges 6:1-17

Have you ever felt a little lost? Like maybe there should be more to life, but you just don’t feel equipped or able to grab onto it? Come and hear what it looks like to live life on purpose!

Corey Johnsrud

February 11: “Hope for Anxiety?”

Matthew 6:24-34

When we are anxious we can easily lose sight of God’s strength and presence in our lives. If God is who He says He is and He loves us the way He says He does then we can have a peaceful heart instead of an anxious one.

Corey Johnsrud

February 4: “Where do I go with this Pain?”

Matthew 11:25-30

Pain is deeply personal and unique to each individual. All of us consider where to look for relief to our pain. Most of us search for things to help us cope with these feelings. This week we will consider if God is really all we need to journey through our pain.

Joel Adams


Following Jesus is a decision that many people make in their life. It seems we can often get lost in our way of following Jesus. Our lives can become this odd combination of valuing things that don’t glorify God and making behavior changes motivated by our faith. In this series we want to explore how remarkable the call to following Christ can change our influence when we live and look like Jesus. We will talk about what it looks like to breakthrough the Christian stereotype, going beyond a surface faith, making God part of every aspect of your life, and breaking through self-centeredness that can often make our lives look very different than Jesus. Jesus told a parable of seed being planted on different types of soil. Only one kind of soil was able to produce the New Life found in Jesus that illustrated the Kingdom of God. We are praying for this kind of NEW life breaking through in our lives this year.

January 28: “Basic”

Luke 19:1-9

What is our most basic desire? It is to be seen and known. Zaccheaus was driven to not only see Jesus, but be seen by him. What lengths do we have to take to get our most basic needs fulfilled?

Corey Johnsrud

January 21: “The Stereotype”

John 4:3-30

We often think that we know more about people than we do, especially those people who are different than us. Many of us also have from time to time found ourselves “stereotyped” by the assumptions of those around us, which can make us feel trapped. Come see how Jesus destroys both our stereotypes and the stereotypes placed on us, so that we might experience true life.

Corey Johnsrud

January 14: “It’s All About Me”

Matthew 19:16-28

When we think of ourselves first and create our own truth we actually slow down our growth and miss the truth God is invited us to embrace.

Corey Johnsrud

January 7: “The Surface”

Ephesians 3:14-21

As we move deeper in faith, in love, and in understanding we can move past surface-level living into a boundless experience of God’s amazing love.

Nate Powell

Reflective New Year

December 31: “Reflective New Year”

Isaiah 40:26-31

As we begin 2018 lets take time to think back on all that God has walked us through. Lets also take time to look ahead to the promises that God has given us as we face a year filled with unknown dark valleys and bright mountain tops. He will be with us!

Rebecca Jacobson

Advent Conspiracy

Christmas is not our local shopping mall’s story to tell. Christmas is the Church’s story to tell. So in 2006, 5 pastors decided to do Christmas differently. They called it the Advent Conspiracy, and came up with four tenets—Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All—to guide themselves, their families, and congregations through their season of preparation for Christmas.

November 26: “Worship Fully”

Luke 1:26-35; 46-55

Mary’s reaction to the shocking news that she would give birth to God’s son was one of worship. In the craziness of the Christmas season, how can we too, respond this way to God and the call he has for us?

Rebecca Jacobson

December 3: “Spend Less”

Matthew 6:19-29

In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount he speaks to God’s propensity to provide for and take care of things of the earth. If God is concerned about the well being of the earth he is also deeply concerned about our well being. We are invited to consider, this holiday season, to make space for God by eliminating our need to accumulate things in our attempt to find meaning and happiness. Trust God to fill your longings and use your resources to impact the world around you.

Corey Johnsrud

December 10: “Give More”

Matthew 1:18-25

The Christmas story is full of real life, much grittier than the sanitized version that we often think of. The story is also filled with generosity that serves as a great example to us. Come find out how the generosity of that first Christmas can intersect with your life.

Corey Johnsrud

December 17: “Love All”

Luke 2:8-18

The good news of Christmas is good news for everyone – no exceptions. How do we receive and pass on that good news? Join us as we explore what that might look like for us.

Corey Johnsrud

Thank You Notes

Saying “Thank You” is important. So often we feel thankful for the way someone has helped us, but we forget to say it. When we don’t say thanks we appear entitled and ingrateful. Luke 17 gives us some clues about how people who have been changed by God’s grace can respond with a grateful heart.

November 19: “Thank You Notes”

Luke 17:11-19

Nate Powell